Adjudication of Juveniles in the Justice System

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Adjudication of Juveniles in the Justice System

According to the legal dictionary in 1899 the U.S. made legal history when the world's first juvenile court opened in Chicago. The court was founded on two basic principles. First, juveniles lacked the maturity to take responsibility for their actions the way adults could. Second, because their character was not yet fully developed, they could be rehabilitated more successfully than adult criminals. More than a century later, these principles remain the benchmarks of juvenile justice in the United States. In the justice system juveniles is quite different from the adults criminal. In the justice system their main objective is to rehabilitate the juvenile while as for adults their objectives are to deter crime and punish the offender. When it comes to juveniles in the justice system issues are developed and questions are raised whether or not juveniles should be adjudicated to the adult court system. When juveniles are adjudicated to the adult court system, there are many issues introduced to the justice system, such as at what age should juveniles be adjudicated to adult court and for which crimes. When juveniles are being adjudicated into the adult court its starts with the wavier process, to move the juvenile in adult court. There are four different types wavier that are used to transfers adolescents from juvenile c court to adult court which are: judicial, prosecutorial, mandatory and legislative. The wavier types that are frequently used is the judicial and the legislative wavier. According Samaha, this judicial wavier is used when a juvenile court judge orders a juvenile to be adjudicated in adult court. The legislative waiver is known as the automatic wavier. This is when the juveniles automatically tried as an adult for the crime they been charged with committing by State Law. In the United States, many legislatures have passed laws that automatically waive juveniles who face charges for violent crimes...
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