Adjectives. Essay

Topics: Judgment, Communication, Difference Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Jennifer (Jennie) Levengood
Com: 321 Communication Theory
Enrique Vasquez
October 7, 2012

When it comes to describing the people in my life I find that certain adjectives fit them better than others since, I tend to follow the old adage” Never judge a book by its cover.” Personal constructs tend to deal with the outward characteristics of a person. By taking a step back and observing the person before passing judgment it helps to figure out what personal constructs really fit the person in front of you. The choices

For the first part of the assignment I chose from the list a family member and a teacher. In my opinion I would describe the similarities of these two as caring, crafty, levelheaded, understanding, resourceful, reliable, trustworthy, mindful, and well read. Where they differ is ever so slight since, I grew up under the watchful eye of one and worked with and observed the other for several years. One is organized, overworked, scholarly, thoughtful, strict, multitasked, baker, grandmother, tired and a bit short tempered. Group two were a female friend and a person that I socialized/worked with. This was a hard one since, I tend to not be much of a social person and keep to myself. The adjectives for this group were organized, knowledgeable, friendly, judgmental, and resourceful. Besides the basic gender difference these two have their own personal differences in that one experiments in baking, the other sticks to what they know works, one attends church more than the other, my social friend likes the outdoors, and the other plays games on the computer. Finally, for the last part of the assignment I was to look at myself and one other person. The other person I chose was a male friend. The similarities that we share were that we are both kindhearted, creative, family members, knowledgeable, and short tempered. I found that we differ ever so slightly in that he likes strategy games, is...
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