Adidas Three Major Strengths

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Exercise 1 A
Adidas Three Major Strengths
* It appeals to the younger generation
* Endorse young superstars
* High Performance product
* Rigid pricing structure
* Least preferred as oppose to Nike
* Price to high though is linked to quality
* Acquisition of Reebok
* Growing revenue from opening of town retail stores
* Continuing challenges in import/export duties
* Doesn’t have strong distribution network
* Fakery of the Adidas products
* Changing consumer patterns

Exercise 1 D
Nestle S.A
Five Strategies
* Corporate environmental strategy
* Integrated approach throughout the supply chain
* Systematic management of environmental performance
* Compliance
* Corporate strategy
M&M Mars
Mars have identified themselves with the following principles which Nestle does not have: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, efficiency and freedom. This principle guides them in the daily choices they make and the manner in which the business is run. The most principle that stands out for them are: Mutual benefit is a shared benefit and responsibility is required from each individual. They also produce products almost every product that Nestle does and furthermore add a lot of confectionary and soft drinks Comparison of strategy

The company more is engaged in creating the right platform balance between local, regional and global structures sustained by what they call globe programme, a highly efficient support structure. This flexible business model allows the company to be close to its consumers and helps it to optimize its demand generation initiatives, while leveraging scale for speed and efficiency. Some of the inside view.

* Contains corporate strategy value chain presence and SWOT Analysis * Provides detailed business description, segment analysis, 5 year financial trends, key products and key competitors * Includes information on...
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