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As mentioned the history of the company linked to year 1920 when Adolph Dassler had start producing footwear for soccer players and in 1924 Dassler’s brother, Rudolph joined him and started their own factory called Dassler Brother Shoe Factory. At that time there was no rivalry for the company till the year 1948 when brothers decided to dissolve the company and Rudolph went and started his own company called Puma schuhfabrik Rudolph Dassler. Since that time Puma became the new entrance and first rivalry for the company. Adolph registered the Adidas trade mark in year 1949 and since that time two companies started competing each other to the extend which each company was dispiriting its employees from being friend with other company’s employees. Adidas continued its innovation in order to be step ahead from the competitor by introduce the molded rubber cleats in 1949. The next innovation was footpath shoes with screw-in spikes. By the year 1960 Adidas became the favorite brand in footwear among athletes in Olympic games in Rome where 75 percent of athletes were wearing Adidas shoes. Adidas maintain its position in the market by innovating new products in order to attract customers and gain good profit. In 1963 Adidas began to produce soccer balls and in 1967 started production line of athletic cloths. The company differentiated its products by keep offering new products in order to keep its dominance in the market of athletic footwear industry. This happened in 1972 Olympic games in Munich where 1164 out of 1490, athletes who were competing, were wearing Adidas shoes. In early 1970s, when the jogging became popular activity, Adidas became the leading brand of jogging shoes in the United States. After Adi Dassler’s in 1978, company remained the leader of the athlete footwear but rapidly was losing its market share in US to industry new entrance Nike. The threat of new entrance was strong since Adi Dassler and his son underestimated the threat of new entrance...
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