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The internal Environment:2
Working conditions:2
Micro environment:4
Local authorities4
Supplier factories by region 20105
Macro Enviroment:5
Economic factors5
Technological factors5
Socio cultural factors5

Adidas is one of the best known sportswear brands in the entire world.

The internal Environment:

Adidas has got more than 40.000 employees worldwide.

The Executive Board is composed of four members who reflect the diversity and internationality of the Group. Each member is responsible for a major business area within the Group.

Herbert Hainer - CEOGermany| Glenn BennettU.S.A.|
Robin J. StalkerNew Zealand| Erich StammingerGermany|

The Supervisory Board of Adidas AG - in accordance with the German Co-Determination Act (Mitbestimmungsgesetz - MitBestG) is composed of twelve members, of which six members are elected by the Annual General Meeting and six members are elected by the employees. Working conditions:

The people are crucial (äußerst wichtig) to their success. Achieving their goal to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry depends on the talents, enthusiasm (Begeisterung) and engagement of the employees.  

They aim to develop staff with opportunities for career progression, while striving to create a climate that celebrates diversity. The way they reward their staff has to be fair and related to our, and their, achievements. Employees have a responsibility to adhere to the Employee Code of Conduct; and as an employer they have the responsibility to ensure their health and safety. And they look after their employees by promoting global mobility, helping staff achieve a healthy work-life balance, and offering access to a wide range of company sports activities.

There are several allegations, for example that footballs are produced by children in age of 5 to 13 years. Another allegation is that the salaries, which Adidas gives, are too low in general. Money

Annual Income Statement of the last 4 years

Period ending| Dec 31, 2009| Dec 31, 2008| Dec 31, 2007| Dec 31, 2006| Total revenue| 10,381,000| 10,799,000| 10,299,000| 10,084,000|

This year’s quarterly Data

Period ending| Sep 30, 2010| Jun 30, 2010| Mar 31, 2010| Total revenue| 3,468,000| 2,917,000  | 2,674,000|

Adidas is one of the main sponsors in the world when it comes to sports! For example they sponsor the football world championship, the Olympics and almost every other big sports event. Not only that but they invest a lot for charity purposes as well! An example for that is that they have an education project in Pakistan, where over 125 government schools were financed by them. Machinery

Adidas uses the same type of machinery as Puma and Nike.
The machinery used is high tech in every single production location all over the world. Adidas invests a lot of money into their machinery because without top notch machinery they would have a disadvantage in the world wide competition.

Most of the sewing is done manually by hired people.

Adidas aims to find materials that will reduce waste or have less of an impact throughout their whole life cycle because that helps to improve their image and saves money. The Adidas Group has various initiatives in place that helps to achieve its goal of improving materials. These includes avoiding raw materials from any endangered or threatened species, eliminating PVC and seeking ways to include more recycled materials in our products.

The main used materials are:
* Recycled materials (example: plastic for zippers)
* Recycled polyester
* Organic Cotton
* Leather

Micro environment:

Adidas’ range of consumers goes from young to old and from private to professional. The needs...
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