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  • Published: January 23, 2010
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1. Compare and contrast Virgin Atlantic Airway's strategic development with any other (non-virgin) airline. According to  (1980), firms are under great pressure to have modern plans to be competitive and should have adequate capability to achieve their target market share. Virgin Atlantic Airways is among the most successful business ventures of the Virgin empire owned by Richard Branson. Its strategic development is rooted on the need to surpass competitors while balancing financial resources, increased revenue and maximum productivity. As stated, Virgin Atlantic Airways is a cut-price airline that based its success in serving the lucrative traveler segment of the North Atlantic market by providing outstanding and novel customer service experience. The airline introduced luxury i.e. business travel amenities that are not offered to first-class passengers of other airlines such as state-of-the-art reclining seats, in-flight massages, hair stylists, aromatherapists and motorcycle and limo home pick-up service. Also, a luxury boat service was offered to subjugate London traffic jams. These features among others change the travel experience of customers, may it be from first or economy classes. Virgin Atlantic Airways aims to recreate the mystique of air travel through the amalgamation of one-of-a-kind in-flight luxuries with circus side-show. However, these features are imitated by various industry rivals. The airline is awarded by various institutions for its outstanding customer service. Customer service is undeniably perfected by most Virgin business ventures. By taking in -consideration the requirement to please customers, the airline management is constantly developing innovative plans and features that will further impressed the customers. As innovations play a very crucial role in strategic development of the airline, it is also noted that competition is the prime mechanism that prompts the management to improve and turn its services to excellent...
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