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Dippin Dots Incorporated

Team Dots

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Executive Summary: Pg.1

Franchisor background Information:Pg.2

Product/Service Description:Pg.3

Situation Analysis:Pg.5

Target Market:Pg.10

Site Location:Pg.12

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Executive Summary:
Dippin Dots is known as the ice cream of the future, by offering frozen desert items in the shape of tiny beads or dots that are extremely cold and filled with delicious ice cream flavors. Dippin Dots Inc. is a franchise that is continuing to grow rapidly, while experiencing a lot of national success. This is accomplished by maintaining high quality standards, top notch customer service, and by offering new and exciting products. Dippin Dots offers a very unique/innovative and fun product that none of its competitors can match, thus allowing the franchise to distinguish itself and have an advantage over the competition. The franchise offers a large variety of all their unique items ranging from shakes to fat free and sugar free flavors. By offering a large variety the franchise will be able to attract many different kinds of customers ranging from small children to health conscious customers.

After careful examination of the New River Valley, it was determined that Dippin Dots would become very successful in the Radford University area. Move over coffee cafes and make room for the ice cream shops, they are becoming the new social gathering spot for kids, families and college students. There are many advantages of this site location, such as high visibility, high pedestrian traffic, and no direct competition. Promoting Dippin Dots across campus will incorporate their brand image, by using promotional techniques including mailing flyers to all college students attending Radford University, as well as free samples and discounts on selected product items. With such a distinct, futuristic and fun way to eat ice cream, Dippin Dots will not be thought of as a fad, but leave a long lasting impression on customers in the Radford area.

Franchisor Background Information:
In 1988, Dippin’ Dots Inc. was established in Grand Chain, Illinois and quickly became recognized as one of the fastest growing, privately held companies. Dippin’ Dots Franchising, Inc., established in 1999, is also among the highest ranked franchise companies in the USA today. In 2005, Entrepreneur Magazine included the company on its “Franchise 500” list for the fourth consecutive year. Dippin’ Dots has continued to be successful because they offer fun-seeking consumers with a high quality product in new and exciting flavors ( In order to keep the unique appeal that Dippin’ Dots brings to its consumers, the products are not sold in “take-home” outlets like your local supermarkets, but in individual franchised outlets. The reason of this is because of the sub-zero storage requirements, enabling Dippin’ Dots to stick together in the customers’ freezer ( The Dippin’ Dots network is an award-winning Franchise System with hundreds of locations coast-to-coast. Dippin Dots generates good business through age groups that frequently visits water parks, as well as amusement parks. According to James Dudlicek, “Today, Dippin’ Dots are sold in all Six Flags theme parks, as well as Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., and numerous water parks and sports venues across the country. It’s also become a staple at local and regional fairs, festivals, and carnivals, In addition, franchisee-operated storefronts and kiosks are popping up at...
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