Topics: Dentistry, Halitosis, Calculus Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: December 26, 2012
1) Dr. Ghanim Al Mannai ,Consultant, Asst. Chairman
2) Dr. Abdul HakkimAl Mandaei, Cinsultant, Wakra Dental In charge 3) Dr. Mazin Askar, Sr. Consultant, Head of Section , Endodontic & Restorative Dentistry 4) Dr. Kheralla A/ Rahim, Sr. Consultant, Head of Section, Proshodontics 5) Dr. Najat Al Hashemi, Sr. Consultant, Head of Section, Orthodontics 6) Dr. Ghada Abu Shawish, Consultant, A/Head of Periodontics 7) Dr. Banoo Ilkhan, Consultant, Prosthodontics(AWH)

8) Dr. Mutaz, Sr. consultant, Endodontic & Restorative Dentistry(AWH) 9) Dr. Ali Khan,Specilaist, Orthodontics(AWH)
10) Dr. Abullah Ali, Specialist, Orthodontics(AWH)
11) Dr. Imanuel Symendosis, Consultant, PEriodontics (AWH) 12) Dr. Lamees Al Faridi, Clinical Associate(AWH)
13) MR. Dental Laboratory( AWH)
14) MR.
15) Ms. Yolenda, Nurse In-Charge, Dentistry
16) Mr…..Dental Laboratory( AWH)
In the absence of Dr. Henno Rainer Miethke( Chairman,Dept. of Dentistry) Dr Ghanim Al Mannai had led an extraordinary meeting for Al- Wakra Dental Dept. Dr Abdul Hakim, Al Wakra in charge briefed the problems relating to the delayment of the opening of Al Wakra Dental Section. The main initiative of this meeting was to give the list of required equipments to the concerned head of sections of dentistry. Dr Ghanim suggested that, a report of those equipments which are not compatible with the required specifications for all concerned sections should be made. Since the lab equipments are inadequate, the relevant staff would have to work in our dental laboratory and their transportation should be prearranged. Dr Abdul Hakim revealed that sterilization Department would function immediately after a week whereas pedodonitcs was already set up. Dr Ghanim and Dr Abdul Hakim assigned each head of sections(Al Wakra) should coordinate with concerned head sections of dentistry to understand what procedure should be done to obtain all relevant...
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