Addressing the Issues of Childhood Obesity - Essay

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Childhood obesity Pages: 9 (3055 words) Published: April 2, 2012
Addressing the Issues of Childhood Obesity
English Composition II
Instructor Mary Harmon
Kristina Canopy
November 15, 2010

I believe adults are major roll models for children because they see them over eating meals. Parents may have weight issues on an emotional level and they can’t even help themselves. It’s easy for the eating to get out of control. When a child sees a parent with bad eating habits, for example: a bag a chips vs a bowl of chips. Parents are the biggest roll models for children and childhood obesity. These issues have major effects on children not only physically, but emotionally as well. It is very crucial for families to work together on building a support system, not only to help them gain more successful results in weight loss, but to help gain higher motivation levels as well as a higher self esteem emotionally and physically. The whole family needs to be involved in some sort of family therapy and/or counseling. Families must set goals and work toward them, one step at a time. Childhood obesity is an epidemic and these are issues that need to be addressed in a proper manner. Something must be done about childhood obesity because these are issues that don’t just disappear. There are numerous healthy diet plans and therapies; exercise programs, available to families today. There are programs available to mothers and families to help educate them to form healthier eating habits as early as birth. When parents make the mistake of feeding their babies too much and too often, it has many life long effects on their children’s health. It impacts their eating habits as well as their health for as long as they live. The first year of a child life is very critical. It is important for parents to educate themselves about childhood obesity for the sake of your baby’s health. Forming and instilling good and healthy eating habits earlier in life will result in being healthier physically, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually. Scientists, physicians, and community health experts have come together on the leading causes of childhood obesity and diabetes to create ways to prevent it. They have come together to form healthy treatment plans to decrease these issues. After someone first acknowledges the issues or effects of being obese, has on one’s life, then they are allowed to identify and analyze what that person was doing to get to that stage in their life. To identify and analyze what that person needs to do to create solutions to these issues. There are many healthy programs one can learn from to get the tools they need to lead a much healthier life. In result, one will live longer and pass down the healthy skills for generation after generation. Childhood obesity leads to serious health problems. In fact, children have a musculoskeletal system. Being obese can lead to abnormal growth and development in these areas. Children may experience pain in their joints and muscles due to being obese or over weight. Some children may even need therapies. Childhood obesity leads to heart problems such as heart attacks and coronary disease. It causes and raises an individual’s risks for type2 diabetes. Childhood obesity leads to pediatric hypertension, kidney failure, and joint/muscle disorders. There are many health problems that may stem from childhood obesity. It also raises a child’s risks for health problems later in life. Childhood obesity has now been recorded recently and it has doubled in the last twenty years. For every five children, there is one child known to be obese or over weight. There are numerous causes leading up to childhood obesity. Childhood obesity may occur in children as early as age five. I feel that the number one reason for childhood obesity truly is the fault of the parents’. Next follows some examples leading to childhood obesity.

· Parents making their children finish their meals
· Parents putting their children in front of the television, letting their children playing video...
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