Addressing Team and Group Challenges

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Addressing Team and Group Challenges

Addressing Team and Group Challenges
Desert Communications Inc., a customer service call center is a major wireless telecommunications organization. Employees provide customer support, service inquiries, and answering billing questions. Offering additional services are encouraged but not required.

A change in the communication industry has declined profits for Desert Communications. To keep up with the industry changes the organization needs to implement changes and additional resources. The new changes will require employees to offer new services, including phone insurance, additional minutes, roadside service, etc.

According to Mooney (2012), common reactions to change include anger, denial, opposition, and depression. The following is an action plan on ways to consider the upcoming operational change to the employees. The plan will outline different methods to present the operational change, a training program, and how groups and teams will facilitate the success of the training. Additionally, tactics to identify and minimize conflicts, collaborations between employees and managers, and how will management use work teams and work groups to facilitate the upcoming operational change. Methods to Present the Operational Change

Communication is key to a successful organizational change. Management and leadership need to communicate changes to employees early, completely, and clearly. When changes happen too fast employees are more reluctant to the change because it was not presented correctly or early enough.

The first step is to present the change early. The communication can come from an e-mail or memo introducing changes to take place in the future. This will prepare employees for the change. The e-mail or memo should explain a few details about the change but also a meeting scheduled for a future date to go into details about the changes.

The second step is for management to prepare a presentation about the changes. The presentation should present clearly the vision of the organization and how the changes will be a positive outcome. The presentation should identify why the changes need to be made and how the changes will lead the organization in the right direction. The presentation should also include positive outcomes for the employees including, new opportunities, and skills growth, promotes new ways of thinking, and breaks repetitiveness (Mooney, 2012).

Finally, when management presents the changes to the employees they need to have a positive and energetic attitude. Employees will not take well to the change if they see that management or leadership is not thrilled about the changes. Encouraging the changes will have a positive reaction from employees, and they will embrace the changes. Furthermore, management should encourage questions anytime and continue to release information about the changes to keep employees up-to-date. Training Program

Training employees with the new services will take time and will need to be delivered to different audiences. To be a productive training it will be broken down into the different services being offered and be on different days to avoid losing production time and so employees do not feel overwhelmed. For example, employees will take training on phone insurance on Monday for a few hours and Tuesday complete training for roadside assistance. Because people have different learning methods employees will decide which training method works best for them. The training will be done in class, online, or by teleconference however the employee prefers. The trainings will go over the new services and on communicating, actively listening, problem solving, critical thinking, and role-playing. Each employee will take training and complete any assessments or surveys afterwards to make sure him or her completely understand the information. If they cannot pass the assessments the employee will need to complete the training...
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