Addressing Systematic Poverty in the Worlds Twenty Poorest Countries with Specific Regard to Education and Development

Topics: Poverty, Microfinance, World Bank Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Understanding sustainable development as the developments of the current generation

Noting with deep concern limitations imposed by the ravages of civil war

Pointing out that due to the numerous on-going civil wars, governments have lost track of sustaining sustainable lifestyles due to their priorities of supplying armaments.

Regrettably noting that 1.75 billion people are living in severe poverty and at least 80% of the humanity lives under $10 a day

Recognizing that numerous countries and organizations have provided aid for LEDCs, namely the twenty poorest countries

1. Urges Member states to adopt policies to service the large unmet demand among poor people for financial services, controlled by the World Bank Group as their primary objective is to promote the capacity and capability of microfinance through methods such as, but not limited to- a)Facilitate the expansion of microfinance institutions through methods such as, but not limited to- i.Providing capital to people struggling their wait out of poverty ii.Providing more flexible loan products and business and personal development training iii.Offer savings and insurances to help clients effectively navigate the hardships they face b)Providing loans to poverty-stricken countries for reason such as, but not limited to, housing start-up loans for farmers to buy inputs for agricultural production, poultry, farming, cattle fattening, and basket making and leasing and other capital machinery. c)Providing micro insurance services such as insurance services which may be specialized such as but not limited to i.Life


2. Recognises the importance of protecting such instruments from potential credit deficiency from the current financial crisis which may adversely impact financial flows to microcredit and microfinance institutions as well as the services they provide

3. Requests the implementation of specific measures to address the feminization of poverty and...
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