Addressing Different Perspectives: Metal vs. Pop Music

Topics: Heavy metal music, Rock music, Heavy metal subgenres Pages: 2 (837 words) Published: July 26, 2012
Joshua Shelley
Addressing different perspectives

In this paper, I will be covering the different perspectives people may have on certain music. Perspective One: Perspective of Metal fan.
For example, I would find myself listening mostly louder music, such as Metal, Hard Rock, Nu Metal, Death Metal etc. The type of Metal I listen to is reflected by my mood and what I am doing at the time. I find it exhilarating and enjoyable to listen to whilst doing everyday activities. I find it speeds up my pace. The music I listen would also reflect the way I dress and the kind of people I look for to befriend and hang out with. I feel more relaxed around the people whose taste in music is similar to my own. Modern Pop music, however, is not for me. I find it lacks melody and rhythm and is very repetitive. I cannot stand it when the voice of the singer is pitched or deepened artificially to ‘work better’ with the music, which itself is mainly computerized. This way, when the songs is finished and edited, the singer’s voice (mostly) is used merely as a template to build up on and add effects to and comes out sounding almost nothing like the singer’s original voice (when heard ‘live’). At least a singer in Metal would change the tone of their voice naturally, and to do so they require lots of practice and talent. I also admire the lyrics that go with metal music. Mostly, the lyrics used in Metal or Heavy Metal songs have a deep meaning or many meanings that would usually tell about past experiences of the lyricist and how they deal with that experience on an emotional level. In Metal, the music adds to the drama and seriousness to the story being told by the lyrics. This story is usually cryptic, and requires a lot of thought to unravel and understand. One’s understanding of the lyrics will sometimes also depend on their past experiences, and whether they have experienced something similar to whatever the lyrics of the song are telling about. The lyrics in pop...
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