Address of Gratitude

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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To our guest of honor Dr.Lorna L. Penales, our Asst. Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Rommel C. Bautista, our mother supervisor Dr.Elpidia B. Bergado, to our teachers, parents, visitors and to my fellow graduates, it is my pleasure to greet you all a very good afternoon. I can say that I am very lucky to stand here for the last time as a student of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo National High School. After receiving our diplomas and we are now graduates of batch 2012. But before leaving our Alma Mater, have we thought of acknowledging all those people who helped us to achieve our goals? It’s been a while since I first entered in this school. As a transferee during my third year high school, I was encountering difficulties adjusting in my new environment. But who would have known that this time will come that I’ll be speaking before you as valedictorian, in front of once unfamiliar faces to me. Thanks to God for surrounding me with people who believed and had given me the chance to prove myself and to prove that I am worth of what I have now. My fellow graduates, after this commencement exercises we will be parting ways and all our experiences will be memories of the past. The end of high school is not simply the end, but the beginning of a new adventure and journey of our life. The knowledge and skills we gain can be of use in building a better nation. A nation where all can prove themselves worth to be living.

A nation where all can show their potentials, where there is no sufferings and especially, a nation where no one is being left behind. As we bid our farewell to our Alma Mater, let us not forget to look back and remember all the things it has done to us. And first of all, we should thank the Almighty God for His Guidance. Our principal, members of the faculty and PTA officers who helped us reach this day of our life. And also our loving parents who have never forsaken us during the most challenging times of our lives. And most importantly, let us not forget...
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