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Addictions workers - Addictions Workers Jobs,
Mental Health Addictions Workers, Social Workers
Challenging professions which provide ample opportunity to interact and know people from cross-sections and almost all the layers of the society.

United States of America, Jul 16, 2012 -- Let us find out the ways and means to get in the professions like these which are not mere working for money but also contributing to a large social cause. Addictions have become a major headache for the government agencies as well as social workers who all have been trying to provide rehabilitations to the addicts as well as providing them a new lease of life. Let us start with addictions workers who actually offers guidance and counseling to individuals who are addicted to tobacco, alcohol, drugs and various other such contraband substances. Best is to obtain a four-years bachelor's degree on any of the branches of social sciences with a specialisation in rehabilitation/counseling while one can also obtain an associate's degree to start with. A bachelor's in social work, however, is the most common requirement for all entry-level positions in this profession while an aspirant must have qualities like being compassionate, having good organizational and speaking skills and also being keen in handling people. While for being in the profession of health educators or human services, degree in social work once again is the popular entry-level requirement while one can also opt for securing degrees like MSW, Master's in Social Work to ensure getting assignments in the senior level.

The median annual wage for social workers during May, 2010, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stands at $42,480 while substance abuse counselors were paid around $38,120 during the same period. Employment of professionals in these sectors is expected to rise by an impressive 25 percent during 2010-2020, mentioned the Bureau report while it adds that the growth would be mainly due to...

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