Additional Fare, Additional Problem for Students and Parents

Topics: Public transport, Senate, Fare Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: September 26, 2011
Cervas, Edrich
Manguni, Jasper
Ventura, Rianna

Argumentative Essay:

Additional fare, additional problem for students and parents

The LRT and MRT fare hike has been the issue in the senate recently. It has been discussed that it is for the improvement of LRT and MRT operations. It is also for the additional budget for social services and infrastructure development. However, the 1.2 million daily passengers of the railway transit find it unfair. They are complaining about the negative effects of the hike. Renato Reyes Jr., an economist, also opposes the fare hike. According to him, there are no published rules for raising the fares of the LRT and MRT.

LRT and MRT are the fastest modes of transportation for us, students. We ride the LRT or MRT because we want to avoid the traffic. These provide the most convenient transportation during rush hours. Likewise, we ride the railway transit to avoid the pollution in Metro Manila. The railway transits are the cheapest modes of transportation with single journey for P15.00. Upon the approval of the fare hike, we might prefer riding the jeepneys or buses instead. This is because the fare will increase up to P25.00 for every single journey.

As students who are dependent to our parents, the fare hike is a burden. It is difficult to budget our allowance for food and academic requirements. Instead of having extra money for these expenses, additional fare will consume the money. The partition of our daily budget will be sacrificed. Student discount is our last hope to lessen our expenses. Unfortunately, the Department of Transportation and Communication denied the request for the discount. DOTC stated that it would affect the operational efficiency of LRT and MRT.

After all, discounts will make no difference because tuition fees are very expensive. Parents are the ones who are greatly affected by the impending fare hike. They are saddled with the several price increases of basic commodities. For us not...
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