Adding Value

Topics: Value chain, Corporate social responsibility, Service provider Pages: 7 (2097 words) Published: February 6, 2013
The Consumer as the Principal Driver of Value
Think about a purchase experience (product or service) that impressed you. Perhaps you told other people you know about your satisfaction with the process and the outcome. Perhaps your expectations were surpassed. In this discussion forum:

1. Describe this purchase experience.
2. Share the product and the brand name.
3. Share when this purchase happened.
4. Confirm if this company remains in business today.
5. Explain the details of this positive, memorable purchase from the beginning when considering the purchase to the eventual outcome. Be specific. 6. Describe the processes, steps and phases you believe the company did to make sure your purchase experience was good (let us call it “delightful!”). You may make assumptions for this portion of this discussion assignment. Include the following considerations. a. Do you think you were a target market customer? Why or why not? b. How did the company communicate the benefits of their product or service to you? c. Why did you choose their product?

d. Was the product or service available to you when and where you wanted it? e. Once you received the product or service, did it perform as you expected? Explain. 7. Support your responses with at least one applied and cited reference from our Unit 1 reading materials. For this assignment, include at least one respected and reliable reference to support your assertions and explanations. Apply and cite at least one reference using APA in-text citation within the response and list the reference at the end of the response using APA formatting. APA formatting resources are available in Kaplan’s Writing Center in the “Research, Citation, and Plagiarism” area.

My most recent and memorable service experience was with a supplier of services for my business. The company that is the subject of this was started During certain periods throughout the year, requests for funding that come through my company are not what I would like to see. Then, on the other hand, there are times that I can’t get the phone to stop ringing with those same requests. For several years, I have attempted to find lead providers to supply my company with credible leads for business owners that need funding. I have come across some less than effective sources and I have found some to excel at that service.

The purchasing experience I am talking about was with They provide a range of services to small business owners that include business insurance, bookkeeping, business credit services, and funding requests. While they don’t service the clients’ needs themselves, they do direct them to approved service providers that have met their stringent standards. In other words, they sell leads to lenders, insurance companies, and CPAs. They also counsel those that are seeking the services on what to ask for and what to expect from the service providers they are referring them to. For me, they provide some basis of understanding that most other lead sources don’t provide.

What has discovered is that by giving the lender or other service provider a better understanding of what the client’s needs truly are; they are perceived to be a better value than their competition. The better understanding that I have of what the client’s needs are better enables me to service that client and in turn become loyal to my company when it comes to finding the necessary funding to grow, expand, or simply regulate their cash-flow.

When I signed up as a lender on the site, I was under the understanding that I could review pre-qualification information about each prospective borrower before purchasing the lead to get their contact information. This is contrary to how most lead companies work in this industry. However, that isn’t what surprised me about this company. What surprised me was something I didn’t know was going to happen. They listed me in their...
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