Addiction to VideoGames. essay

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Andrew Linhardt
September 17, 2012
       I have had many factors in my life to contribute to my personality, such as my friends, siblings, and a vast amount of experiences. I believe the introduction into the world of videogames has changed me the most. I do not think it was a positive change either. Whenever I get up in the morning, the first task I do is to get onto the computer and launch my favorite game: Minecraft. Whenever I come home, I play Minecraft. Whenever I have a paper or a project due, I play Minecraft until the last minute. What has caused me to become like this? Why am I letting myself be controlled by this game?        Ever since I was little, I remember there being videogames in my life. Maybe it was not me playing the entire time, like my older brother or father playing, but there were still video games within my household. I remember watching my older brother perched in front of the television playing ‘Super Mario Brothers’ on the Nintendo and doing nothing for hours but working out his thumbs. Eventually my parents bought me a Nintendo 64. Obviously I was blissful, finally being able to play games that I’ve been watching for as long as I could remember but I believe that is one of the first causes to my addiction.        Mario; Sonic; Kirby; Megaman; Pokémon; Zelda; the list goes on, I have played so many games on my N64. I started becoming a shut-in. No social life, just video games, which is something that is horrible for a second grader. I just could not fight the addiction, the games were too fun. I did not read books, draw pictures, or go outside with my friends. The only social part of my life was going to school and I was forced to do that, but even at school I could not stop thinking about the video games.        Eventually, I did get tired of the N-64, there were newer game systems out in the market and the games I knew and loved were just put out of production. I ended up just hitting the start button on the...
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