Addiction of Celebrity-Watching

Topics: Andy Warhol, Celebrity, Drew Pinsky Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Addiction of Celebrity-Watching
“Everyone will have his fifteen minutes of fame,” says Andy Warhol. As today, the definition of the word “celebrity” is no longer associates with the original meaning form the dictionary. Daniel Boors tin, the author of the “Or, What Happened to the American Dream,” restates the definition of the “celebrity” in his book which is “celebrity is a person who is well known for his well-knowingness.” No a doubt, benefited by the modern high-tech media of the celebrities-watching culture has become the national wide or even global wide culture in our small global village. American is only one example who are so obsessed by the celebrity-watching. When we are so enjoy the celebrity culture, the gossips from the TV, the magazine and our daily topic from our work place, school or phone call with our best friend. The celebrity watching silently walks in to our life and revolute our mind-set and value. Celebrity-watching not only delivery the entertainment but also produces side effects in both positive way and negative way. It has its negative impacts to our society in terms of people are easily mistake the celebrities as wrong role model, it is taking place of our religion, but they are also could be the spiritual guidance of some people. Today, more and more people are influenced by the celebrities. They are copy and follow the celebrities copying their conduction no matter the conduction is appropriate or not. The celebrities create a belief in the ordinary people which makes they become the role model of them. Carlin, Flora in her article “Seeing by Starlight” states “We intend to follow or to copy from the individuals who we believe they are in high-status, and this is the human’s natural techniques” (39). This theory which is suggested by Francisco Gil-White, professor of psychology at University of Pennsylvania further approves Carlin’s suggestion. This kind of the follow is blindly and unhealthy. We take the celebrities as the...
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