Addiction and Cure Compulsive Shopping

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Cure Compulsive shopping by Alejandro Jodorowsky

“It  is  very  difficult  to  recognize  that  we  really   like  shopping,  a  "therapy"that  can  serve  at   any  given  time  to  forget  our  everyday  problems.  But  when  it  becomes  a  tough  act  to   control  it  becomes  a  serious  psychological   disorder  such  as  pathological  gambling.” How  and  to  whom,  is  usually  affected  involving  the  syndrome  that  creates  this   huge  dependency?

Shopaholic  syndrome  affects  men  and  women.   The  profile  is  usually  between  30  and  40  years,   with  low  self-­esteem,  lack  of  control,  insecurity,   fantasy-­proneness,  feeling  of  loneliness  and  spiritual  emptiness.  They  also  tend  to  have  other  dis-­ orders  such  as  anxiety  and  depression. Shopping  can  bring  great  pleasure  at  the   moment,  but  then  comes  the  repentance  of  pur-­ chasing  useless  things,  and  then  depression  and   anxiety,  which  leads  back  to  the  stores  as  a  way   of  escape.  Thus  we  begin  a  vicious  circle  which  is   very  difficult  to  go  through.

Normal  buyer vs  
Compulsive  buyer
While  the  normal  buyer  feels  satisfaction  of   having  bought  something  he  wanted  and  he  can   control  what  he  spends,  the  compulsive  buyer   gets  an  inordinate  pleasure  in  the  moment  of   shopping,  similar  to  that  produced  by  drugs,  in   addition  to  losing  control  of  his  actions.

Do  you  know  what  causes  this  addiction?
Although  the  underlying  cause  of  addiction  to   shopping  is  not  known,  experts  say  this  type  of   disorder  is  a  mixture  of  biological  and  social   causes.
The  lack  of  control  over  impulses  caused  by  brain   abnormalities  related  to  the  role  of  serotonin  (a   neurotransmitter).
Social  cause?
This  condition  is  the  main  trigger  type  consumer   society  in  which  we  live,  where  shopping  be-­ comes  a  leisure...
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