Addicted to Shopping

Topics: Addiction, Shopping, Drug addiction Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: October 1, 2011
In shopping people can now choose between traditional and online shopping. Traditional shopping is the usual way people buy their items which is in a supermarket or store, while online shopping is done through the internet. Meanwhile, both types of shopping serve a purpose of catering to the needs of buyers. Whether shopping online or in the store one can find the activity both addictive and financially difficult. The joy of shopping can be addictive and lead to a shopping addiction. The feel good hormones in the brain are released when one feels a sense of gratification form shopping either online or in a store. These feel good hormones cause a sense of euphoria which enforces the addict’s behavior. An addict may shop when angry, anxious, lonely or depressed. Shopping then alleviates ones feeling temporality and then the cycle begins. For example, one is feeling depressed and goes out to buy a sweater; the next day they feel angry so now they’ll just go online and buy pants to match the sweater. Whether shopping online or in a store a shopping addiction can affect every aspect of one’s life and can lead to impaired relationships. Spending excessive amounts of time shopping in a store or on a computer, takes time away from loved ones. Being deceptive, hiding items bought and the debt incurred from buying it will further impair ones relationship. Furthermore, ones work performance might even suffer from the constant preoccupation of the urge to shop or be online to surf the latest deals. A shopping addiction can put one in a financially difficult situation. An addict will spend over budget and get into deep financial trouble. Sticking to the boundaries of a budget is difficult to maintain when making compulsive buys. Furthermore, one can sit on the couch and with a click of a mouse make purchases without even leaving home. Similarly one can go into a store to buy a winter coat and instead of buying a coat they will come out with five. People who...
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