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Arithmetic Sequence Word Problem HELP?
A child is creating a pyramid with building blocks. The top three levels include 3 blocks, 7 blocks, and 11 blocks. 

Part 1: How many blocks would be needed for a pyramid 25 levels tall? (5 points) 

Part 2: Use complete sentences to explain how a sum of an arithmetic series was applied. (4 points) Source:

1.)  Starting May 1, a new store will begin giving away 500 posters as a  promotion.  Each day, 4 posters will be given away.  If the store is open 7  days a week, how many posters will the store have left when it opens for  business on May 14

Days of
1 2 3 4
500 496 492 488

4.)  A display of cans on a grocery shelf consists of 20 cans on the bottom, 18  cans in the next row, and so on in an arithmetic sequence, until the top row has  4 cans.  How many cans, in total, are in the display? Source:

2 .| A car rental company in Rosedale revised its rental charges. The rental company charges $270 as the car rent and $40 per day. The total amount Francis would pay is modeled by the equationT = 270 + 40x, where T = total amount, x = number of days. Which of the following graphs best suits the situation?| Source:

4.)  A projectile fired vertically upward rises 1,500 feet in the first  second, 1,450 feet the following second, 1,400 feet the third second, and  so on.  How many feet does it rise in the 20
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