Adaptive Memory

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Adaptive Memory
The aim of this particular study was to research adaptive memory and attempt how best to explain how this “adaptive memory” works. In this experiment 252 first year students were the participants. According to which tutorial group they were in, the participants were given a scenario, with the scenarios being: * Ancestral Hunter

* Modern Hunter
* Future Hunter
Both the Ancestral and Future hunter scenarios contained 80 participants while 92 were placed in the Modern Hunter group. Participants were asked to read a scenario according to which group they were placed in (i.e. Modern scenario for Modern Hunter group etc) following this they were asked to read and rate a list of thirty-five words based on their relevance to their scenario. This list of words was shown on a screen for five seconds each. Following this exercise, participants were then asked to complete a number task in which they were given a list of twelve numbers, each being a seven digit number, where each number was shown on the screen for one second. After this, participants were given ten minutes to attempt to recall as many words as possible from the original thirty-five words they had rated. The results showed encoding was most effective for the future hunter scenario. Introduction.

A proposition made by evolutionary psychologists is that our cognitive processes have been shaped and tuned by way of adaptation. One situation is that of survival. The ultimate goal is for humans to survive and reproduce, because of this humans have adapted and evolved to heighten their senses in a situation where their survival is threatened. Items can be processed more deeply and remembered for longer when the context of the word given, seems to be a scenario in which the mind believes it needs to actively fight for its own survival. One of the most interesting findings into this theory is the results of Nairne, Thompson and Panderiada’s (2007) experiment. The findings of...
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