Adaptive Leadership and Change

Topics: Problem solving, Management, Harvard Business School Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: December 25, 2012
Hiefetz and Laurie (1997) reveal six key principle of adaptive leadership that are essential to face adaptive challenges and effecting change throughout the organization to “thrive in new business environments.” (p. 124).

The six principles are get on the balcony, identify the adaptive challenge, regulate distress, maintain disciplined attention, give the work back to people, and protect voices of leadership from below.

I would say that he did apply these six principles. Considering that Levy entered the medical center as a new employee or executive gave him the advantage to apply adaptive challenge right away, instead of dealing with old ways of doing business. Through the Hunter Report, Levy was able to get on the balcony to get the big picture of the present situation of the medical center.

Before making any changes, Levy humble himself to the level of his subordinates in order to get to know what their values were. It was important that all the staff of the medical center should be aware of the current situation by sharing the Hunter Report with them. From the beginning, he was not interested in pointing fingers at no one, but to work and bring in new ideas by requesting suggestions and recommendations from all the staff. The feedback Levy received from staff really showed the collaboration and sense of responsibility for the direction and performance of the medical center. Levy manages to create adaptive challenge by creating trust throughout the institution. Finally, Levy was the one designing the plan, of how the operation of the medical had to be executed considering all the aspects received by his staff.

From the beginning, Levy was very open, honest, and respectful that gave him that positive step to have received the collaboration from his staff. Levy didn’t allow other people’s problem become his problem, since he knew his objectives and goals for the center. In other words he knew what he was doing.

The idea of informing and...
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