Adapting to Technology

Topics: Education, What Happened, Andreas Wilson Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Technology is a broad meaning that means how to use knowledge to control and adapt the environment and people`s lives. The human always learn science with all fields; therefore, technology has always become in progress. Now it has become easy to interact with things differently from the past. It plays a large role in communication. For example, in the past people cannot contact each other in a different country but now, they can use the internet and phones to call colleagues and relatives. Furthermore, when others want to send a message to someone, they used pigeon or post while now they can deal with our e-mails to send friends and families. A second role of technology is how it affects education. Later, schools and classrooms have changed more in many areas. For example, students use PowerPoint to present our researches, video recorder and Libraries to provide children with a huge amount of information; however, previously they cannot use these tools because it was not there. Some schools now are using iPad and laptops in classrooms like japan. A third role of technology is how it changes our thinking and the way of lives. For example, when we were children, parents taught us how we count the numbers by fingers, so brains were still working automatically but now we used to count by calculators. Technology has evil side. One of the worst disadvantages for the technology is using it in weapons and war. For example, in Palestine, Syria and what happened in. Moreover, it makes people very lazy. For example, people are acting with robots to serve them in everything. In summary, technology has two faces the good and the evil. In my opinion, technology is very important that can serve humanity and make life easier, but in case of bringing the war and the destruction will be in the evil face so, we should choose what make life better.
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