Adapting to Change: a Man Leave Away the Beauty of Arizone

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Adapting To Change
I stand in the desert, savoring the warmth of the sun on my skin, and the feeling of sand caressing my toes. Looking at the golden sun, dusty earth, with a clear blue sky, and cloudless with a light breeze; one white mountain with early snow surrounded by deep purple mountains of the Jalopies. Even with the beauty of Arizona, I still cannot wait to leave; to leave this drugged, overgrown, and crappy town of Kingman, to finally get away from…”Ashley!!” …ugh! I glance down from the tree house, and see a black Chevy truck in the driveway; my mom talking to Bev the troll; as the “Three Stooges” come running this way; Heather the youngest in the lead, yelling my name. The Cash family and my mom became friends after they found out the same kid stole my mom’s and Bev’s purses, leaving me with three unwanted new friends to babysit. “Guess what??” Heather chimes in with excitement, “our dad’s in jail.” Heather starts climbing up with Scooter right behind, leaving Jeanie, the oldest, and glaring up at the tree in disgust. I look at Heather in confusion, “Why are you so excited that your dad is in jail? Heather beams at me with the creepiest and biggest smile that I have ever seen on a seven year old; because we get to stay with you and your mom till he gets out,” Scooter says as I look at him in silent terror. I sigh “Great. “Ugh this is totally not cool HELLO!! Can you make this stupid tee house door bigger?” Jeanie gripes out, we look down from the two story tree house and see her stuck in the entrance. “bahahahaha!” Scooter barks out laughing, “Maybe if you climbed trees more often your butt would fit,” Scooter say’s as him and Heather go down to the first floor and help Jeanie up. I grimaced and look at the sun as it lowers behind the mountains, shooting burst of bright yellows, pinks, and reds against the blackening mountains and dark blue sky, as starts start to reveal themselves, smothering the sky with their twinkling beauty.

As the days pass...
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