Adaptation of Robotic Arachnid in the Tropical Rainforest

Topics: Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University, Brazil Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: March 28, 2011

By Aina Oluwaleke


This paper actually presents ways of making a robotic arachnid adapt easily to the rainforest region, i.e. creating navigational algorithms that would enable the robot survive the rainforest when autonomously driven. According to a recent study, the robot to be built would get its adaptation features from an animal that easily adapts to its surroundings in the rainforest region like the amazon or thereabout; the model that would be created for the robot would be such that it would make use of the animal’s gait style and movement. This animal’s gait style and way of adapting to its surrounding would provide aid in creating the navigation algorithms necessary for the robot’s movement. From a study conducted by the crew from, a list of animals that actually easily adapt to the rainforest is listed below; it is from this list that a an animal would be picked and a navigational algorithm would be created and used to help the gait style of the robot.

This is the largest and most powerful member of the Amazon cats, the jaguar is revered locally as being a matchless hunter. It is leanly built and stealth in action. The jaguar is the King of the Amazonian food chain- it is best spotted in the forest area, near a stream, close to nightfall-this is also the time it mostly hunts for its prey. Its preferred habitats in the rainforest are the swampy and wooded regions in the rainforest. Some of the walking traits of the Jaguar are that it stalks and ambushes its prey, it is a very good climber, they enter water freely, active during the day, they hunt mainly at night and on the ground. They are also very swift hunters. The Jaguars are extremely powerful and the same power applies for their bite too. They are the second strongest of all mammals. One of the things we can take out the Jaguar in order to model the robot to be built, since the Jaguar has...
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