Adam Walsh

Topics: Murder of Adam Walsh, John Walsh, Ottis Toole Pages: 4 (1838 words) Published: January 27, 2011
Adam Walsh was a young boy whose life got cut short at the age of 6. Adams parent’s names are Reve and John Walsh. “Adam was abducted from Sears in Hollywood, Florida on July 27th, 1981.”( Web article on After this incident a lot changed when it came to finding children and John later became famous as being the host of the show “Americas Most Wanted”. Adam went to Sears with his mom that day. They were going to the store to shop for lamps.” The store was approximately one mile from their home. They parked where they always did, and walked in the store holding hands. They went into the North entrance which put them in the toy department. Right in the middle of the toys was the big attraction:  a television monitor displaying computer video games.  They were brand new back then.  Several children were playing with the game, and Adam asked if he could stay and play also. Reve said okay and told him to stay there until she returned from the lamp department.  The lamps were about 75 feet away -- out of sight, but not very far.  The lamps were out of stock, so Reve left her name and number. She was gone about seven minutes.” (web site: Rosen, 2011, Child search) When she returned he was no longer at the video game in fact none of the children where there and the video game was silent. She had only been gone a total of maybe 10 minutes. Reve began walking down many aisles calling out Adam’s name. She saw a boy that had the same hat on as Adam and asked him if he had seen a boy with the same hat as him on. The child told her he had and pointed to the west exit door.  Reve was positive that Adam would not go out the west door.  She then asked the toy department clerk said she had not seen Adam.  Reve asked everyone she came across but they all said no. She then went back to the clerks to see if she could get her to call the police. The clerk said “Oh, well, he probably just wandered off. I'll bet he went looking for you. Well you know how kids are; maybe he...
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