Adam Teasing.

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Marriage Pages: 7 (2339 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Women have been getting a good dose of it. Be it on the streets, in malls, colleges and even in offices, eve teasing has been around ever since Adam woke up from his slumber to discover a missing rib! Wolf-whistling, name-calling, sometimes even bottom-pinching, Eves have gone through hell. But have they ever given it back? |

'Adam teasing', say city girls, is relatively unknown. They prefer not to be a nuisance!

"I've not seen much of it," says VJ Sophiya, who grew up in London. "Maybe on a girls' night out, but on the whole, women prefer to get attention rather than give it."

Model Mahek Chahal shares the view, just like Yana Gupta, Preeti Jhangiani and Shweta Menon. "When I've been with friends, I've indulged in Adam teasing," offers Mahek, who grew up in Norway.

"If men are doing it, why shouldn't women? But it shouldn't be torturous, the way guys do it."

Says actress Shweta Menon, "When women get together, they become strong and they sometimes indulge in Adam teasing. But I think eveteasing happens far more."

Adam Teasing is wen girls tease boys sexaully by attarcting boyz toward themselve,,,,,and by commenting as we guys do for Girls,,,, ... The concept Adam teasing is the counterpart to the concept of Eve teasing. In Adam teasing either an individually or a group of girls/females ...

“Dad, I will not go to college” Amit said, tears rolling down his pimply cheeks.  
Shashank knew, there is a problem, and it is bigger then what it appears. Amit, his 18 year old boy, just completed high school from the conservative all boys school renowned for inculcating values and discipline in boys and protecting them from female influence, abuse or interaction of any kind during the tender formative age.  

Unfortunately, Shashank had to join Amit in a co-education college after school because there were no all boys’ colleges in the town. It is Amit’s second week in college and he, amidst sobs, declared that he will not go to college.   

Amit had a peaceful life in all boys school, totally oblivious of the big bad world outside, where women exploit men, from the day they are born. Situation has worsened so much that some times, women don’t even let the male baby come into the world. They terminate pregnancy once they know through pre-natal diagnostic tests that it is a male baby.  

Though many Men’s Organizations and forums protest that sex determination is an extreme form of violence against men, it’s effect has been very little. This agitation is strongly countered by the intellectuals by the argument that they are saving the would-be fathers from social and family disgrace and torture and saving the would-be male child from the atrocities they would face after birth. This practice of male foeticide   is rampant in those parts of the country where parents need to pay hefty dowry to get their boys married and settled in domesticity.  

To add to the agony, all over the world, harassment of men has become rampant, be it at home or at workplace. Questions are raised about a man’s safety while commuting at night or day, without female company.  Men who fear the harassment at workplace and stay back at homes are treated no better. They are the victims of domestic violence in the hands of their in-laws and wife. Most of the victims are harassed or burnt for dowry. They are made responsible for the misery of procreating male children. Some statisticians project that, every third minute, there occurs a case of abuse of men and every second househusband is a victim of dowry related violence.  

The miseries faced by men are innumerable. To mention a few, they are physically and mentally abused for being unable to bear a female child, for not able to attend to domestic chores, for dressing provocatively in public, especially, when they wear open buttoned or transparent shirts, sleeveless T-shirts or shorts. Men who wear anything other than dhoti-kurta, full sleeved shirt and pants are viewed as rebellious or...
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