Adam Levine College Life

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Adam Levine’s College Life
Adam Levine attended college for a short amount of time. He went to Five Towns College in Dix Hill, NY. Levine went to college with his friend Jesse Carmichael to study music. They decided after 4 years of undergraduate that they wanted to end the college career. They met with former band members from high school and a new member they met in college. Five Towns College didn’t have a big impact on Adam Levine’s life. Five Towns College is located in Dix Hills, Long Island, New York, USA. Business, Education, Media, and the Performing Arts are the main reasons people attend this college. An interesting fact that I found about the name of Adam Levine’s band Maroon 5 was, “Five” Towns College’s school colors are “maroon” and white. That is how the band name Maroon 5 came about. Adam Levine had to make a big decision about moving across the country just to go to college. He lived in Los Angeles on the west coast and the college is on the east coast. He worked at Johnny Rockets Diner for two weeks. He had to move about 3000 to go to Five Towns College. He had a hard time leaving his family for that long of a time. That is one of the reasons he left college to go back home. In college, Adam didn’t focus on school very much. He spent most of his time hanging out with people he met staying in his dorm. He tried to get gigs at local bars and pizza places on campus. He got a few people that went to see him and Jesse Carmichael every weekend to play. Still today, some of those people follow him and his band around, all over the country, and go to his concerts.

Adam Levine decided after 4 years that undergraduate that college was not the right path for him. Adam and his friends thought that they would be more successful being free instead of have to be told what to do. Also, his band members thought that college was a waste of money and time when you could be recording new songs and getting new fans. They talked him into dropping out of...
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