Adam Cooper in April Morning

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  • Published : October 13, 2010
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April Morning

Cousin Simmons said to Adam” A boy went to bed and a man awakened.” How did Adam’s later experiences in the British conflict force him to act like a man? In what ways did he still act like a boy?

In the battle of Lexington still acted like a boy. He feared the British. He ran away from them and was truly scared of the redcoats. Once he met Solomon Chandler, he realized that he wasn’t scared of the British anymore. This showed maturity in Adam. Adam came of age while traveling with Solomon Chandler. He learned that life went by and the death of his father didn’t mean the world would end. That was another important thing that showed Adam’s maturity. He understood the importance of his father’s death but knew that nothing would bring him back and that life had to go on. When the colonists prepared themselves to fight against the British for a second time, Adam saw the true color of war. He thought like a mature adult. He though that war was disgusting. He no longer felt warmth towards Solomon Chandler because Solomon enjoyed killing the British. Adam did not enjoy war. He fought against the British to get revenge for his father. While in war Adam got caught up in the war. Cousin Simmons had to pull him out of the shooting. If he didn’t Adam would have probably gotten shot. Adam comes of age during the fighting with the British, the talking with Solomon and the later fight with the British. He learns that life has to continue no matter what happens. This idea helped Adam come of age. Before the Battle with the British Adam was a boy that was often put down by his father and never spoke up or did anything brave. When signed the book to go off and fight, the journey of his coming of age began.
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