Adam's Rib and Post Soviet Era

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  • Published : November 12, 2009
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Adam’s Rib and the Post Soviet Era
When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the citizens of new nations found themselves suddenly pushed into a new era. Once they had relied on the Soviet system of socialism and central planning to dictate every aspect of the lives. Then in the post-Soviet era, their newfound independence forced them to face an obstacle of changes. “..once Russia under its newly elected president, Boris Yeltsin declared independence from the Soviet union in 1991, no Soviet state had turned into terminal crisis for the Soviet Union” (Bacon-Wyman 22). All they once knew had disappeared—the old government, the old economy, and the old Marxist idealism had all collapsed. The ideas of community and unity had disappeared and suddenly it was “everyone for themselves”. People were willing to improve their lives in the expense of others. The movie, Adam’s Rib, highlights this transition from the Soviet to Post Soviet life. Each character is significant because of what they each represent—the old value of Soviet Union or the New Russian’s concepts in the Post Soviet era. Adam’s Rib was released in 1990, a crucial year between the Soviet Union and its’ collapse. This crucial year became highly relevant in the movie due to its dramatic effects shown among the three generations of women. The financial, emotional and social difficulties of the Post Soviet Era was seen and portrayed differently in each generation’s attitude and behavior. The setting of the movie was mostly filmed in the protagonist’s apartment, Nina, where she lived with her paralyzed mother and her two daughters Lida and Nastya. The characters Nina and Lida represent the old values of the Soviet Union through their gestures, personality and the respect they have for the grandmother by taking care of her every need. However Nastya, the youngest who rarely helps out with the grandmother and doesn’t pay mind to her mother or sister...
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