Ad-Hoc Mc Cdma Transmission

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Ad-Hoc Mc Cdma Transmission

By | April 2011
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Ad-hoc MC CDMA Transmission
In this thesis, the performance of ad hoc network using a multiple access transmission technique, namely multi-code/signature multi-carrier code-division multiple-access (MC-MC CDMA) is analyzed. Most of mobile nodes rely on the battery power in a mobile ad hoc network. We, therefore, develop power-aware and power and interference-aware routing protocols, in which the exchanging and updating of the information are based on table-driven Source Tree Adaptive Routing (STAR) protocol, to increase the battery lifetime. An efficient transmission power level for all users is derived from simulation results of the power routing protocol. The routing protocols for both single-signature and multi-signature MC CDMA systems are also considered and compared. The performance of the network is discussed and analyzed with respect to several parameters including transmission power, number of users and signal to interference noise ratio (SINR) target. The simulation results show that by using multi-code scheme we can reduce the number of supporting users (intermediate nodes) in proportion with the number of signatures per user, while the total power consumption of the network remains the same compared to single code scheme. Multicode scheme not only can reduce the number of supporting nodes but also possibly reduce the queuing time/delay for high traffic density network due to its high data rate.



( A)T

Transpose of matrix A Complex conjugate transpose of matrix A Inverse of matrix A Identity matrix of dimension N × N Expectation of A The trace matrix For all There exists Belongs to Transmission power Received power Euclidian distance from node j to i Signal to interference plus noise ratio target

( A)*
A−1 IN

E[ A] Tr [] .


d ji


OFDM CDMA MC CDMA MC/MC CDMA AWGN SNR SINR ISI MMSE Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing Code division multiple access Multi-carrier code...

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