Ad Busters Assignment with Checklist

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  • Published: May 25, 2013
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Reading Assignment Checklist: Name________________________
______1. Read the following passage.
______2. Create a flow map for the passage (5 boxes at least) -------------------------------------------------
______3. Write a half page summary
______4. Answer and Explain your answers!!!
______5. Choose 6 words to do a vocab map with (word, definition, picture, and connection) -------------------------------------------------
Total= _______/125

Ad Busters: Two Teens Take On a Corporate Giant to Prove That a Popular Drink Wasn't All It Claimed To Be Adapted from: Cody Crane Science World, September 17, 2007

Jenny Suo and Anna Devathasan never thought that a simple science project would end up making them famous in their home country of New Zealand. That is, until the two 17-year-olds exposed a startling fact about a favorite juice drink while performing research for their school's science fair. Three years ago, Jenny and Anna started a science project to test the amounts of Vitamin C in different fruit juice-based drinks. This essential nutrient found in citrus fruits berries, and tropical fruits, helps strengthen bones and prevent infections. The girls were sure one drink called Ribena, which was made from blackcurrant berries, would crush the competition. "We thought that Ribena had more Vitamin C than other juices because of the advertisements we saw that said 'The blackcurrants in Ribena contain four times the Vitamin C of oranges,'" says Jenny. KEY STEPS

Jenny and Anna spoke with Science World about how they relied on the scientific method to make their science project a success. This...
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