Ad Analysis: Mayhem, Pink SUV Video

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Ad Analysis
*Screech the car crashes* “So get Allstate. You can save money and be better protected from mayhem like me.”(Mayhem: Pink SUV Video). Almost everyone has seen the Allstate commercials where a guy called Mayhem has caused terror on some innocent person. The commercials are about 30 seconds of goodness, and one of the most popular commercials from Allstate was the commercial of the Mayhem being a teenage girl. Allstate is ultimately advertising to sell their insurance. This commercial uses a multitude of techniques to appeal to the consumer. The commercial starts out with mayhem pretending to be a stereotypical girl (driving a pink SUV, wearing pink glasses, and using a bedazzled phone) that just received a text from her best friend, Becky, saying she just kissed Johnny. For Mayhem that’s a big problem because she liked Johnny and so being “emotionally compromised” as Mayhem says herself (or himself), she then crashes into a random car. She then keeps driving because she is so mad at the fact of what her friend Becky did. This commercial is very captivating because it appeals to humor. First off, in these commercials people see the same face of Mayhem, Dean Winter. When they see him they infer that the commercial is about him causing trouble. If it was anyone else was to replace him, the commercial wouldn’t have the same effect on people. It also shows how a stereotypical girl reacts to receiving a text from her friend bearing bad news for her. Her reaction being the funniest part of the commercial it is also the longest, going from her receiving the text to where she drives off from the parking lot. While leaving, Mayhem drops the famous line of “So get Allstate. You can save money and be better protected from mayhem like me” (Mayhem: Pink SUV Video). That so many people are familiar with. This ad does a good job showing that anyone could be affected by a teenage girl who happens to receive a text that impairs her driving skills. There is not much...
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