Ad Analysis Essay 10

Topics: Advertising, Tom Hanks, Brand Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: December 2, 2009
We live in a world where time is of the most important essence. An important document arriving on time makes or breaks deals in a world where a few hours could determine the potential success or failure of an important deal. We pledge loyalty to a company who aim to deliver on their promise to help us accomplish these goals. FedEx is one such company that is well known internationally for delivering when relied on the most. They have late pickup and overnight delivery services across the globe and help us stay connected. This print ad was created by CLM-BBDO for use for publication in a French magazine. I believe that this was a very effective advertisement as it gets across the loyalty of FedEx in a very creative manner.

The actual advertisement is a spin-off on the introduction to movie Castaway staring Tom Hanks. In the beginning of the movie, Hanks arrives at a meeting and sees his translator making peculiar gestures. Upon asking, the interpreter explains that he was informing the staff about Hanks’ steadfastness and loyalty as he stole a bike to arrive on time to the meeting. This concept is portrayed in a similar fashion in this advertisement as a FedEx employee traded his cap with a toddler in exchange for the toddler’s tricycle. It provides a comic outlet as an oversized adult is riding a child sized tricycle in order to deliver the package. (

The objective of this advertisement is to ensure the public that they can trust FedEx for even their most important needs. FedEx wants to portray an image that they care just as much as you do about your package. This advertisement is simply developing a long-term brand image and reinforcing the current position that FedEx holds in consumers’ minds. Consumers already are exposed to FedEx and can consider it an option. However, FedEx wants to make itself the obvious way and not simply one in a myriad of choices.

The target audience of this...
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