Ad Agency Report

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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Ad Agency Report
Blanca I. Davila-Pabon
Grantham University
BA/530 – Marketing Management
December 31, 2012
Jan Tucker

The focus of this paper is to select and research an advertising agency, which will then be evaluated. The paper will discuss the evaluation in two stages. Thus, the first section of the evaluation will include a description of the unique aspects of the agency, its strengths, services, specialties, and approach to marketing communication, and others, while the second section is going to be a personal opinion of the agency as a marketing communication firm. The selected advertising agency is TBWA.

TBWA – Overview
TBWA is an independent and international, privately-owned advertising agency which headquarters are located in Mmidtown Manhattan, New York City. The company was started in Europe and made a mark in the United Sated by promoting European products, such as Absolut vodka and Evian water. The agency was founded in 1970, surprisingly in France by William Tragos, Claude Bonnange, Uli Wiesendanger and Paolo Airoldi. The agency's name was derived from the initials of the four founders' last names. The founders hoped to tap 'the richness of different cultures, the healthy frictions and the thrust that comes from diversity,' as chairperson Tragos later stated in a company publication. In 1977 Tragos opened TBWA's first U.S. office in New York City. The New York City branch of TBWA started out with $7.5 million worth of billings in the first year. The branch worked for several small accounts that would later become large money-earners, including the European bottled water company Evian and Fromageries Bel, producers of Laughing Cow cheese. In 1993 Omnicom acquired TBWA and the agency expanded rapidly to become a worthy partner to BBDO and DDB. Two key developments in the growth of TBWA were its merger with US agency Chiat Day in 1995 and with Anglo-French network GGT BDDP three years later. The agency operates through various brands all over the world, such as: TBWA\ Chiata\Day in New York, TBWA Hunt Lascarisa in South Africa, TBWA\ Concept Unit in West Africa, and TBWA\Raad in North Africa.

This company is ranked in the first ten 10 advertising agencies of the world and it has more than 274 offices in over a hundred countries and it counts more than 11,000 employees worldwide. TBWA develops and manages brand behavior in the world of today by using Disruptive Ideas. They concentrate not only on being the best in advertising but to be among the most creative companies from the world. The specialty disciplines/marketing services of this ad agency are: disruption, service development, media advertising, employee branding, digital, theatre, design, sports sponsorship, retail activation, corporate social responsibility (CSR), customer relationship management (CRM), cause related marketing, mobile utility, custom publishing, brand amplification, event marketing, and others.

TBWA strategies services include: Disruptive Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Development, Brand Behavior and Media Arts Planning. Their analytical tools help recognize market growth opportunities. Some of these analytical tools are: Web analytics, Definition and measurement of targeted digital channels, Marketing effectiveness metrics, Customer relationship strategies, and Customer scorecards. Through service analytics and ongoing media monitoring TBWA help optimize services and activate desired behavior to leverage success fast. According to McMains (2009), TBWA is a combination of tactical rigor mid strong creative ideas.

TBWA states that their starting point for any brand is disruption, even though the brand may be local or global. Disruption drives a tactical development of the solution of their clients by challenging conventions from any industry and it provides a common language across the network for the brands this company leads. By being fluent...
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