Acuvue Case Analysis

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Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., is a company committed to transforming the world's vision by increasing awareness of the importance of vision and vision care and providing the world's most exceptional vision correction options. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., is the world leader in vision care, providing a family of outstanding contact lens and spectacle products. Vistakon makes ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses, the world leader in soft disposable contact lenses, as well as ACUVUE Brand Bifocal and 1-DAY ACUVUE Lenses. The Johnson & Johnson Acuvue daily contact lens was introduced in the USA in 1988 and grew to $250m in sales worldwide by 1992. It was the first daily disposable contact lens.

Nearly one-hundred forty-six million people in the United States require the use of corrective lenses, making the eye care industry a very profitable market. In 1992, the market for corrective lenses was $15 billion. Of the one-hundred forty-six million utilizing corrective lenses, twenty percent were individuals who wore contact lenses (twenty-nine million). Due to weaknesses of lens substitutes such as the fragility of glasses and the high cost of surgery, the Acuvue contact lens industry held great potential.

Of the people that wore contact lenses, 73 percent (approximately 21 million) were part of the soft contact lens group, 6 percent (approximately 2 million) wore hard contact lenses, and 21 percent (approximately 6 million) wore other types of lenses including rigid gas permeable lenses. 19 percent (3.9 million) of soft contact lens market were part-time wearers and only wore their contacts lenses less than five days per week. 20 percent of population with eye conditions such as astigmatism, were unable to even were contacts lenses. Common reasons for never trying contacts were cost (25%), procrastination (12%), and fear of contacts (10%).

Vistakon’s 1-Day Acuvue was planned to target three different groups of eye care consumers. One of the...
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