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Acute Asthma

By | March 2012
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Acute Asthma
Karen Richie
Principles of Pharmacology
Course: NUR 210
Instructor: Nancy Kirk RN, MSN
January 26th, 2010

The understanding of the situation is that Ms. A is a thirty year old, middle class Hispanic female; she is bi-lingual and a full time college student. In fact she has no pre-existing conditions, equally important Ms. A has issues with anxiety. In fact, Ms. A’s parents and two siblings have co-existing conditions of asthma. Moreover, she was accompanied to the outpatient clinic of the hospital by a classmate. Upon arrival, she complained of pain in her sinuses and reported having headaches for the past two days. In fact, Ms. A is anxious and started to sneeze, meanwhile she is using her accessory muscles to help with her difficulty breathing. Furthermore she also stated to the nurse that she is having an asthma attack and that she can feel it coming on. In fact, she told the nurse she is allergic to perfume. Ms. A is in the early phase of an asthmatic attack. She has complaints of spasm in the chest, chest tightness and audible wheezes. She is now dyspneic (difficulty breathing/shortness of breath) and is coughing even though she is in a high flowers position which is to help facilitate her breathing. According to Medical Surgical Nursing, Asthma is a disorder of the bronchial airways characterized by periods of reversible bronchospasms which are spasms of the prolonged contraction of the bronchial airways (Black & Hawks, 2009, p 1570). On the other hand Ms. A was administered Metaproterenol nebulizer and intravenous line initiated. A sputum culture, blood test which revealed increased levels eosinophils (white blood cells) and also an arterial blood gas was done. In addition she was administered oxygen at two liters and a stat dose of Ipratropium bromide and aminophylline intravenous per verbal orders. Even though Ms. A is monitored closely she progressed rapidly into status asthmaticus which was temporarily relived by...

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