Acts That Govern the 3 Spheres of Sa Government

Topics: Political party, Crime, Strategic management Pages: 4 (968 words) Published: March 8, 2012
With the research I have done I have selected what I think are extremely important acts that govern the central and provincial spheres of government. In this assignment I will be stating why I have selected the Independent Police Investigative Directorate Act, Defence Act and the Appropriation Act.

Reasons and examples why I have chosen these 3 Acts:
Independent Police Investigative Directorate Act
As I was reading through the different acts I saw how important this act is as this deals with way the South African police should handle there day to day proceedings regarding investigations of criminal offences which has a direct impact on our safety. If we have a look at the objectives of the act we can see how it involves the functioning of the police throughout the central and provincial phases of government. 1The objective of the act is follows:

* to give effect to the provision of section 206(6) of the Constitution establishing and assigning functions to the Directorate on national and provincial level; * to ensure independent oversight of the South African Police Service and 15 Municipal Police Services * to align provincial strategic objectives with that of the national office to enhance the functioning of the Directorate * to provide for independent and impartial investigation of identified criminal offences allegedly committed by members of the South African Police Service and Municipal Police Services * to make disciplinary recommendations in respect of members of the South African Police Service and Municipal Police Services resulting from investigations conducted by the Directorate * to provide for close co-operation between the Directorate and the Secretariat and to enhance accountability and transparency by the South African Police Service and Municipal Police Services in accordance with the principles of the Constitution. Defence Act

I have chosen the defence act as it involves setting the rules and...
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