Activity Planning, Level 3 Child Care

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  • Published : November 23, 2012
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Activity Planning Sheet -

- Name of the activity: Circle/story time.
- The number of children involved: 7-8 children. - The age of the children that are taking part: 4-5 years.
Area of Learning -
This activity will make the children use their imagination, also this activity will get the children to concentrate as they will be thinking about a story to come up with. It will also help the children boost their confidence and their social skills. The early years foundation satge says that you should provide the children with activities that involve turn-taking and sharing in small groups. It also says that the aldut should explain to the children why it is important to pay attention when others are speaking. I think this is great for a circle time activity. Specific Learning Objectives -

This activity is good for boosting the children's confidence in themselves and interacting with other children.The early years foundation stage say that adults should provide regular opportunities for children to talk to a small group about something they are interested in or have done, i thought this would be a good idea as the children can put in their own experiences into the story they are making up.This will also encourage the children to listen to others. The main objective of this activity is to get the children to use their imagination, as they are very imaginative. Resources and Equipment -

During my activity I'm going to use a small teddy bear for them to pass around the circle when the children are making up their own story, I think this is a good idea as the children will know that they can only talk when they are holding the bear which well help them to share things with other children. This will also help their concentration. While doing this activity I'm going to write down the story that they have made up so they can look back on it or show their parents. Special Considerations -

When doing this activity I may come across a child that is to...
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