Activity Plan

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Area of Learning: Mathematical Development 1
|Teaching/Learning Objective |Activity |Resources | | |Differentiation/Adult Support |Key Vocabulary/Key Questions | |To encourage children to: | |Resources: bottles, funnels, tubes, different sized | | |Free play filling and emptying bottles; using size language and 'full', |containers, jugs | |Use size language such as 'big' and 'little', 'full' and 'empty' |'empty' with adult support | | | | | | |Use shapes appropriately for tasks |Use different shaped containers to fill and empty. Introduce half-full, |Key Questions: | | |overflow/up to the top |Is it full, empty? nearly full? Is it a big container? | | | |Is it smaller than this one? | |Order two items by capacity |Consider which container has the most water in. | | | | | | | | |Key vocabulary: | | |Consider which container would hold enough water to fill two cups/three |more, less, full, empty, overflowing, top, bottom, pour, | |Use language such as 'greater' 'smaller', 'heavier' or 'lighter' to compare quantities |bowls etc |half-full | |Use developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems |Order various shallow and deep containers – which will hold the | | | |most/least? How many containers will it take to empty/fill the water |A child's vocabulary is enriched as he/she uses words such| | |tray? What could we use the water for that we tip away? |as funnel, surface, float, and...
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