Activity and Reflection Paper

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  • Published : June 22, 2010
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Activity and Reflection Paper|
Week Four|
Written By: Dave L. Howell
MTE/506Instructor: Dr. Sharon Craig|


On Wednesday, April 7, 2010, I was blessed with the opportunity to sit in on a Mathematical class at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Riviera Beach, Florida. This was an opportunity to observe the function of a core class at the school that I teach and Substitute for. The teacher’s name was Mrs. Minor-Walker, which is one of our 7th grade teachers. When I walked into the classroom, I shook her hand and informed her of what I was intending on doing today. She was more than glad to assist with my assignment. These students were seventh grade students. This was an intermediate class, in which most of these children have encountered some sorts of issues with comprehending Mathematics prior to this year. Due to the NCLB act, this class was available for the children to have the opportunity to improve the math skills and recover from their setbacks in other classes. Mrs. Minor-Walker gained their attention by letting them know that she is happy to see them this morning and hoping that they enjoy the lesson plan that she has ready for them. At this very moment, I observed the body language of all the students and wrote down the actions that stood out to me the most. During the lesson plan lecture, I noticed some students who were passing notes to others, tapping their foot on the ground to indicate that they were bored, some who put their head down to influence sleeping etc. Then, there were the students who sat upright and looked interested in the lesson, ones who raised their hands to ask questions indicating that they want to understand the lesson plan. It was good to see that side of some kids. Having them encouraged to improve and move forward to their appropriate class is essential to their development.

Mrs. Minor-Walker was informing the kids that she would like for them to get involved in an activity that...