Activism Is a Key for Survival of Democracy

Topics: Activism, Activism industry, Activists Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: March 5, 2013
India got the freedom after a long struggle and formed a great Constitution for making the country a welfare state bringing liberty, equality and fraternity with a view to make its citizens feel free and safe. It has to be ensured that the said values are not dying and the necessity of their healthy growth is being monitored for the survival of a free and vibrant society.

Constant vigil is the price to be paid for survival of democracy. Whether these are the enlightened citizens of the society, print and electronic media, social activists, reformers – all are the parts of activism in a democratic system. More than 60 years have gone by since we adopted Democracy. Our Constitution clearly mentions that every citizen – regardless of gender, caste, and creed – shall be equal before the law and no discrimination shall be made on such grounds.

But the daunting realities have contradictory stories to unfold. India with its thousands of sub-castes stands divided on the basis of social divisions at every nook and corner. People, children, women are being suppressed. The need of social uprising arises here. These are the activists who raise a voice against atrocities and let the world know about the same. They educate the people, garner their support and try to get the wrong doings rectified. With all this activism, sometimes things get better and sometimes activists are crushed to be replaced by more activists fighting for a just cause so that the promises granted in the Constitution are kept.

Activism makes sure that that corruption and corrupt practices catch the attention of people at large. People and organizations, who are under the watchful eye of activists – which can be media, social networking, NGOs etc, will think twice before resorting to any corrupt practices. Activism, in fact, is the activity that awakens sleeping people about something going wrong and enlightens them on what remedies are to be taken to get things in order by themselves and by...
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