Activism Essay 2

Topics: Politics, Activism, Political philosophy Pages: 8 (2938 words) Published: October 29, 2010
Activism is regarded an act directed to cause or bring about changes in politics, social, economic or environmental changes. Activism can be of opposing or in support of an argument which has controversy. Mostly activism is used in politics more often than in the other three mentioned areas. There are various ways of engaging in activism. Mostly activism is associated with protests and confrontations. Actually activism can take other various forms depending on the activists. Strikes, matching on to the streets, hunger strikes, boycotts are some of the most synonymous means used. Therefore with the above understanding, the inclusion of the word youth in activism simply means that, it’s the involvement of young in organizing the community for social change. Young people in Australia are involved in activism at various levels especially in the political arena. They have organized themselves and formed social justice organs which they use as the machinery for making their voices heard. Mainly there are three main types of youth activism. One is where the youth engage themselves in social activism which is organized and led by the older generation. The second one is where activism is driven by the youth themselves. I.e., in an organization by the older people the youth take charge of all the activities. This is mostly in activists groups which were formed by adults when they were young. Lastly, the third type of activism is a community organization which is purely made by the young people. In this type of organization there is no external influence. It’s purely youth driven. The essay looks at various sociological concepts and theories in the analysis of the social world around activism and the youth in politics, specifically relating to the young people in Australia. How the young people in Australia can be encouraged to participate in politics with a greater interest. Like other parts of the world, the Australian youth have also been in the fore front in activism. This has brought some radical changes in the politics of Australia. Youth activism in Australia has been attributed to various causes. most cases they relate to issues that relates to environment, animal rights ,racialism, capitalism and those against wars. Young people are said to have taken a new direction where by they are greatly interested in building their hope and a promising future free from their today’s sufferings. This has been promoted by the changing of events globally and earlier traditions being left out in the twenty first century. Reliance on traditional institutions like the trade unions has significantly declined. The young have been seen to do what they feel is good for them and they can comfortably associate with. In many instance whenever they raise their voices their critics are always up in arms telling them that they should always abide to the rule of the game, implying that there is what is acceptable coming from them and there is what is not acceptable. In Australia the youth engage themselves in civic world in different contexts. In most instances the organs they form are not directly seem to be political. What mostly determine the group one belongs to is attributed to the environment and cultures that one was born. The need for a good life, i.e. good security, accommodation, better car, entertainment-all these needs and responsibilities makes the subject of politics. Past experiences in issues such as race discrimination, homosexuality, violence and other experiences shapes their political life. Therefore in such instance there is the need for collective action against these norms and as a result the need for activism erupts. Activism to some of the youth is something that one needs to get to once in a while to have fun with their friends since they get their adrenaline going. But to some, activism is a life time course which needs to be taken seriously since it involves life. That is, to them politics gives the life model...
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