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So let’s see creative strategies of the campaign

1.First of all, obviously, a creative communication approach was to hijack the common term “T.L.C.”, imbuing it with new meaning “tummy loving care.” 2.Secondly, they wanted an iconic brand image as a brand for everyone. They choose nation‘s typical ’girl next door’ who might credibly need a little help to keep their tummies on track to convey the message. 3.Except for various common media usages, they also creatively designed posters, which are rarely used by other CYD brands, so as to build a strong visual image in consumers’ minds. 4.What’s more, the campaign was launched at New Year time when more tummies were gurgling for T.L.C, and women were most likely to be considering their future health and happiness. This is the best time to maximize the relevance of the campaign.

After the launching of the campaign, penetration significantly increased. The graph of household penetration shows they met the 38% target 2 months ahead of plan, finishing the year a point ahead, attracting 1.2 million new customers (versus 900k target).

The increase in value sales meant Activia increased its value share by 7% whereas Müller Corner remained static; this enabled it to take its position as market leader.

Finally, all attitudinal measures improved over the campaign period. A key aim of the campaign had been to increase the number of women who'd consider giving themselves some T.L.C. As showing lastly, consideration over the period increased by 27%.

To conclude
1. This case showed how it was possible to develop powerful emotional platforms that resonate widely with consumers, but still retain the functional product truth that was at the heart of a brand's original differentiation. 2. Besides, behaving like a leader can make you a leader. Had been adopting a more emotional platform, leaders supported that platform with the media investment and behavior of a leader. 3. Lastly, driving trial with new users is a...
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