Active Listening Memo essay

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Active listening memo
Sandra Stubbs
April 5,2012
Linda Widjaja

Active listening memo

To: All staff members
Date: April 5, 20012
Subject: Active listening
Good morning every one

In an effort to improve communication within our office I have recently attended a conference where I have learned about active listening and its benefits. Active listening is also known as empathetic listening, this method of listening involves understanding the content of a message as well as the intent of the sender, and the circumstances that the message is being given. Active listening is a way of listening that helps place the focus exclusively on what the other person is saying, as well as confirms understanding of the content of the message, and the emotions, and feelings beneath the message to ensure that the massage was received accurately. The basic concept is that, as you listen to what somebody is saying, you pay special attention to understanding what this person is saying.

Active listening includes but is not limited to the following components: Hearing: Listening attentively to make sure you understand what someone is saying. Interpretation: Confirming your understanding of what you have heard. Evaluation: Asking questions regarding what you have heard.

Respond: Letting the person know that they have been heard, including the use of non- verbal techniques that show your interest, such as nodding your head. 1. Look at the person, and suspend other things you are doing. 2. Listen not merely to the words, but the feeling content. 3. Be sincerely interested in what the other person is talking about. 4. Restate what the person said.

5. Ask clarification questions once in a while.
6. Be aware of your own feelings and strong opinions.
7. If you have to state your views, state them only after you have listened.74 This is a website that I would like everyone to go to is...
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