Active Euthanasia

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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In today’s society, health care is a major issue. Healthcare is preventions of illnesses. There have been debates on how to solve the problem. Early on before the phrase health care was popular, all the English-speaking countries called it either plain medicine or the health sector but it still meant a health service to treat and cure sickness and disease. Most developed nations have a system of health care for those who cannot afford to pay. Many professional doctors and nurses around the world have been discussing different topics to try to find cures for all kinds of health issues people are faced with. One main topic that has been discussed is Euthanasia, which is the act of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy. Euthanasia is also called medically assisted suicide by a lot of people. It was also originated from the Greek language and occurs in every race of people. Euthanasia should not be forced on anyone but has good reasons in some cases. “There are two types of Euthanasia, active and passive. Active Euthanasia is death by commission. Passive Euthanasia is death by emission.” (Mcmanaman 2). Active Euthanasia is very simple from a moral point of view. It is never justified though because it always amounts to murder. Passive Euthanasia can be of good and of immeasurable value regardless of the condition of the patient. (McManaman 2). If you are not very ill or in a dying state these actions will not be performed on you, because then it will just be just like murdering a patient. Either type of Euthanasia should only be able to be legally processed. If it is not legally processed whoever is a family member of one who has been killed by it can sue whoever was given the euthanasia to kill their family member. This is a very serious and offensive case so therefore the consequences will be highly looked at. A recent debate that has been going on is that everyone that is sixty years of age or older should be killed with a morphine overdose to save the cost of younger, healthier Americans paying taxes. The way of using Euthanasia in this particular article is wrong because it demoralizes human life. It gives people no hope towards retirement or a future family. Morals have a huge impact on the decision of ending someone’s life and the government should not have that power. Euthanasia can be good as well when used properly and respectfully. When a person is in a lot of pain or is a vegetable and seeks a resting place then Euthanasia is not frowned upon. Many times euthanasia is the best way to go even though it is a sad experience. The “Quick Fix-O for Those Over Six-O” Plan by Melanie Hann is a recent article that has gotten a lot of attention dealing with the new way of using Euthanasia. The argument she has is that government should take the lives of every American over the age of sixty years. The way she thinks of taking their lives is from morphine overdose because it is probably that most pleasant way of dying. She claims she is doing America a favor by reducing the trillions of debt we spend on Health Care. Hann makes an analogy pertaining to Euthanasia, taxes and the government. Overall, Hann believes mandatory Euthanasia would benefit America’s society. In a case in 1990, Nancy Cruzan went into a coma after a car crash and her parents wanted the machine that was keeping her alive to be removed. However, in this case the machine consisted of feeding tubes that provided her with hydration and nutrition. These tubes would give Cruzan extra hope of living so that the doctors could continue to do work on her to see if she would show any signs of coming back to life. Her parents viewed the removal of the machine as the termination of unwanted treatment. They had to make a very difficult decision that would not be easy for anyone. They did not want their little girl to die but they had little hope of her survival and wanted to do...
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