Active Earth- Jacaranda- Answers

Topics: Volcano, Pacific Ring of Fire, Plate tectonics Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Class: SOSE Yr: 9 Name: Fariha Ibnath Khan 1: Hot spot: Hot spot is a place away from the boundary where a trail of super-heated magma that rises up from the mantle and forces its way to the surface of the Earth. Continental drift: Movement of the Earth’s continents comparative to each other by appearing to drift across the ocean bed. Tectonic Plate: Large pieces of the Earth’s crust that float on the mantle. These plates are constantly moving and may crash into each other or slide or move apart from each other. Continental Plate: Large sections of the surface of the Earth that move separately. Shield Volcano: Volcanoes formed by viscous lava and have broad and flat sides. This happens due to the lava cooling slowly which lets it spread widely before cooling. Magma: Molten or partly molten rock underneath the Earth’s surface. Seismic Activity: Release of energy from the focus of an earthquake that spread outwards like waves. 2: Epicenter and focus: Epicenter is on the surface of the Earth and focus is below where the seismic activity starts. Earthquake and volcano: Earthquakes are tremors or vibrations shaking the Earth due to release of energy and volcanoes are fissures that erupt molten lava. Active and extinct volcano: Active volcanoes are volcanoes that have chances of erupting when extinct volcanoes don’t have chances of erupting anymore and haven’t erupted for over thousands of years. Explosive and effusive volcano: Explosive volcanoes erupt gas-driven meaning gas trails the lava when effusive ones erupt lava straight. 3: The Hawaiian island formed when new volcanoes formed on top of hot spots which are now a different part of the plate. A chain of volcanic islands were later formed and that is how Hawaii was formed. Sketch is on the last page of the assignment. 4: The plate sits on the largest hot spot. Kilauea might also be connected to the world’s most active volcanoes. It’s being watched closely because a...
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