Active Directory Proposal 2

Topics: Domain Name System, Domain name, Active Directory Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: January 29, 2011
Active Directory Proposal
Active directory is a network technology that provides a variety of network services. The services include: Directory services: these services provide every user with a home directory. The user can store his/her files on it, can install software etc. Each user’s directory will be protected by a user name and password. Authentication services: Active directory comes with Kerberos based authentication services. These services can be used for checking of various user name and passwords for various applications. Domain naming: This particular service allows a page to be accessed via a domain name. DNS servers store the domain names and the pages address. Since active directory uses a same database, it allows administration to apply critical updates to an organization, assign policies, and deploy software. Active Directory stores information and settings in a central database. Riordan manufacturing has offices at four different countries. Each office is a network of servers, printers, computers etc. Each office has the following departments: Information Technology, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance & Accounting, and Legal. Each department has a number of users and devices. We try to match the hierarchy of the company with the hierarchy of active directory. Here is the Hierarchy of active directory: Objects: An object is a basic entity of active directory, any computer, server, printer or any other resource. Services and users are also objects in active directory. Site: In terms of active directory, a site is a geographic location that contains a single network or a group of networks. Trees: A tree is a group of objects, arranged in a hierarchal manner. A tree might contain domains linked in a transitive-trust hierarchy. Domain: A domain is a collection of organizational units. Each domain is identified by a DNS entry, i.e. a domain name. All the domain names constitute the namespace. Organizational...
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