Active Directory Migration Planning

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Active Directory Migration Planning

Prepared for
Cornell University
Tuesday June 23, 2011
Version 1.2Final
Prepared by
David Thompson
Infrastructure Consultant

Revision and Signoff Sheet
Change Record
Date| Author| Version| Change reference|
06/14/11| David Thompson| 1.0| Initial Draft|
06/23/11| David Thompson| 1.1| Internal Review|
06/30/11| David Thompson| 1.2| Final Version|
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Chris Lavelle| 1.1| | 06/26/2010|
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction5
1.1 Executive Summary5
2. Intended Audience6
3. Migration Overview7
3.1 Migration Challenges7
3.2 Key Features of Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory8
3.3 Migration Process Overview10
3.4 Team Composition10
4. Current Active Directory Infrastructure12
4.2 Additional Forests/Domains12
4.3 Development/Lab Environment13
5. Areas of Remediation14
5.1 Ongoing Virtualization and Exchange Migration Projects14
5.2 Existing Microsoft SharePoint Deployments14
5.3 Existing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Deployments14
5.4 Existing Microsoft SQL Server Deployments14
5.5 Existing Microsoft Windows Server Update Service (WSUS)14
5.5 Certificate Services15
5.6 Centralized Backups – Tivoli Configuration Manager15
5.7 Schema Extensions (Biometrics)15
5.8 Workstation Rename Requirement15
5.9 RADIUS – Authentication Proxy Policy15
5.10 Deployed VPN Solutions15
5.11 Stand-Alone Workstation Migrations15
6. Planning Recommendations17
Appendix A: Sample High Level AD Migration Project Plan18

Cornell Universityis moving towardestablishing a rationalized IT architecture which will provide anEnterprise Shared Services platform for common services such as authentication, messaging and collaboration. The Active Directory Migration Projectis being undertaken to provide the base infrastructure on which these services will be provided. In addition, creating a Centralized Data Center Support Model for a campus-wide virtualized Server Infrastructure is a key cost-saving driver being undertaken at the University and is directly linked to the Active Directory Migration Project.

1.1 Executive Summary
The objectives of this engagement, as indicated in the Statement of Work, are to deliver solution recommendations with consideration for the following items of scope and drivers to the business: * Gather and review the existing Active Directory Forest and Domain implementation and associated documentation provided by the client. * Review the various approaches for consolidation and make recommendations of risk mitigation strategies and tool selection. * Generate an executive report outlining high level consolidation approach, activities, and toolsets. * Generate high level work effort, tasking, and timeline for domain consolidation effort.

As part of the University’s Server Virtualization Project, the support model dictates all virtualized servers be member servers of the Active Directory Forest/Domain. Scheduling has already begun for some of the 70+ domain across the campus to virtualize their server infrastructure. It is imperative that a coordinated Active Directory Migration Project schedule be prepared and implemented in support of this Server Virtualization Project. The transition for Cornell University to function in this centralized environment will introduce the following challenges: * Operational Complexity─The CIT Identity Management Staff will now be responsible for all AD administration of domain controllers and all Active Directory functionality (mainly security related). Organizational Unit (OU) Administration delegation is in place to allow individual IT groups across...
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